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12 Feet of Head at the Bottom of the Landfill and NOTHING WORKS

Midwest Landfill – United States

THE SITUATION This Midwest Landfill was experiencing problematic and difficult to access leachate scaling within the sumps and gravity lines of the collection systems. The gravity lines themselves typically had low flow and header readings were up to 12 feet, outside of compliance. A number of treatment methods were attempted from typical jetting to acids and chemicals. On one occasion jetting assisted equipment was lost within the line and had to be cut, adding to the clogging issue within the collection lines. Nothing was able to solve the problem and 12 feet of head was a problem. What options were available after exhausting the options?

THEY FOUND A SOLUTION ON A GOLF COURSE IN FACT During a field trip to the Global Waste Management Symposium one of the sites engineers met a presenting group from up North, Gii Group. They had presented a new technology that had been having success with difficult scaling issues throughout N. America and offered to assess the problem. Gii Group used an electronic and sustainable technology by charging the leachate itself. The issue still being; lack of flow. We tabled some online discussions between the site personnel and Canada to see if we couldn’t come up with a solution to improve the situation.

The FlowScience Leachate Scale Control System Electronic De-scaler PLAN • The application was focused to one of the 8” PVC gravity lines • A 20 – 40-foot length of 2” PVC pipe will be inserted approximately 5-15 feet into the upstream end of the 8” gravity line • Leachate will be pumped from a leachate pond source on site into the 2” PVC line on the upstream end of the gravity line in order to initiate the required flow through the gravity piping • This same leachate, in addition to any additional leachate collected within the gravity lines, will then be pumped from the downstream end of the gravity line, and re-circulated back to the upstream end to maintain continuous re-circulated flow through the gravity line • An Electronic Leachate Scale Control System will be affixed to the 2” PVC piping at the upstream end to charge the Initial flow going into the gravity line, and an additional LSC system will be affixed to the sump pump hose recirculating the leachate back to the upstream 2” PVC inlet piping to ensure the leachate remains charged throughout the entire re-circulation process

THE RESULTS It worked. Over the next period leachate was recirculated through the system with increased “man made” flow. Over a period of several months the leachate continued to re-circulate through the gravity lines and the sump was treated with the LSC System on as the new variable. Today header height is under 1 foot and within compliance and they continue to use the LSC Systems to break down scaling in areas. FlowScience and the engineering team have seen more scale on landfills that most and we’ll never shy away from the impossible. 1.888.97.GREEN

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