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California Landfill Eliminates Jetting of ForceMain with Electronic Scale Control Technology.

FlowScience Changes Another Landfill for Good


Upon evaluation of the drawings and the FlowScience Landfill Design form Gii connected with SCS Engineers and landfill OPS personnel to determine the solution to be provided to keep the Force Main scale free permanently. Taking under advisement the optional start-up solution, the line was jetted one more time prior to turning on the FlowScience Leachate Scale Control Systems. One system was added to the beginning of the line and another approximately 1200 feet downstream. Once systems were turned on, The LF personnel would camera the line at regular intervals. In early February 2020 the Landfill

turned on two (2) FlowScience systems in hopes of keeping the line clear long term.

As of mid November 2020, the 4” FM continued to flow freely with only minor surface scaling becoming apparent at each camera interval. It was determined in a Zoom meeting that this minor residual scaling build-up was 99% likely attributed to varying flow rates. Further camera inspections have shown the continued scale inhibiting results and as of February 2021 there has been no additional maintenance needed to keep the FM clear and FlowScience continues to inhibit leachate scaling along the line. Personnel will continue to monitor the line and have been advised that FlowScience LSC system lifespan is approximately 15 years. The FlowScience LSC Systems have worked and have eliminated the need to jet and cut the Force Main with return on investment of under 1-year.

Force Main California_FlowScience Electr
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