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Greentree Landfill

Scaling prevalent within the waste water treatment system.  FlowScience replace chemicals permanently.

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North East Landfill

FlowScience ups the flow within the collection system.


Wabash Valley Landfill

Jetting wasn't keeping up through collection system and sumps.  Chemicals were going to cost an arm and a leg. FlowScience succeeds at a fraction of the costs.

Wabash Valley Landfill – A CASE STUDY_page-0001.jpg

Otay Landfill

Force Main requires jetting 2-3 times annually.  FlowScience eliminates jetting ongoing.

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Eastern Canada Landfill

Biological reactor needed to shut down for acid cleaning of the media.  FlowScience handles the scaling with no more acid.

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Mid West Landfill

12 feet of head was far outside of compliance.  Jetting and chemicals couldn't solve the problem.  We thought of something.

Midwest Landfill - 12 Feet of Head - FlowScience Project Summary-page-001.jpg